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European Holiday: Park Hyatt Zurich


I am very sorry for the delay in continuing this trip report. I now see why it's so hard to finish a complex trip when real life gets in the way sometimes.

But...if you will dive back in with me we are heading out of Milan on a EuroRail train to Zurich. The train ride taked about 4 hours total and stops seven or eight times along the route. The total cost for reserved seats for each of us was about 65 Swiss Francs. But the views from the train were worth every penny. We went from rainy Milan through the Alps where it was dumping buckets of snow and pulled into a cold Zurich around 2:00 pm.

First View of the Alps 

First view of snow! 
 After hopping off the train we headed to the tourism office for Zurich which was located inside the train station before you exit to the trams. Here you can buy a 24-hour transit pass for all of the trams and local trains. You can also buy the Zurich Card which costs 24 Francs for 24 hours or 48 Francs for 72 hours. The Zurich Card gets you a transit card for the trams and trains while you are in town (including to/from the airport), a cruise on Lake Zurich, entrance to most of the popular museums in town, discounts on shopping and dining and a discount on a few guided tours.

We were not as interested in the museums since we only had a short amount of time in the city so we ended up buying a 24-hour transit pass and a 24-hour Zurich Card for our second day in the city. That way we could explore on our own for the first day and on the second day we could take the cruise on Lake Zurich and go to a look out point above the city on a local train.

After purchasing our Zurich Card we headed on the trams to the Park Hyatt Zurich. From the train station you can take the 2, 7 or 13 tram and get off after 4 our 5 stops at Stockerstrasse from there you turn left and the Park Hyatt will be two blocks on the right side.

I know many of you have seen the reviews that those on the SMD4 posted from this beautiful hotel, but let me tell you, pictures don't do it justice. The lobby is absolutely elegant and beautiful. The colors of the lobby are all a dark brown/black wood that just screams warm and welcoming. But that could be the cold temps and the inviting fire talking to me from the lobby sitting area as well.

We were quickly escorted to the check-in desk and offered the opportunity to finish checking-in inside our room, but we decided to just check-in at the desk. That was a good thing because we had some trouble with our reservation since we had booked them with free nights from the Hyatt Visa Card that each of us had. Hyatt Reservations had combined the reservations into one, but the computer wasn't showing it that way so we had to wait a bit for them to make the computer behave. They finally got it taken care of and the very nice check-in agent escorted us to our King Room on the 4th floor and showed us around the room and explained all the features of the room (including the very important "how to turn on the lights" and put the "do not disturb" light on).

The room its self was very beautiful and simple. When you walk in the bathroom is to your right and next to that is a large walk-in closet which included two "Park Hyatt Zurich" bathrobes, which were very comfortable. In the entry way was a dresser which had a few drawers for storage but was the main location for the mini-bar and safe. But on top was a beautiful fruit plate as a welcome gift that was put out again on our second day. This served as the perfect afternoon snack.

Entry Way 

Welcome Fruit Plate 

When you head past the dresser you enter into the main part of the room. On the right was the king bed which featured a night stand on either side with knobs and buttons that adjusted the lighting all over the room. Which I never quite was able to figure most of the time I just repeatedly pushed buttons to find the right setting.

Across from the bed was the larger dresser and television which had a good selection of channels, but had BBC Radio, which is my absolute favorite thing and was on for most of our stay. To the left of the tv and dresser was a large glass desk and an arm chair next to the window which looked out over the street in front of the hotel. One of the craziest things was the retractable shade on the outside of the window that was used instead of a shade on the inside of the window. You could press a button and the shade would automatically go down or up on the outside of the room.

King Bed

Desk and Chair 

Accent Lighting Piece 
Turning back to the front of the room there was a sliding set of doors that opened up into the beautiful marble bathroom and tub. The tub was right on the edge of the set of doors and just beyond that was the shower which had both a hand shower AND a rain head shower. I love rain head showers and will take any excuse to use one so I was pretty happy about that. The room also featured a warming rack for the towels and a beautiful marble sink with a selection of high end cosmetics which Kelsey was excited about.

Sliding Doors to the Bathroom 

Marble Vanity 

Soaker Tub

Rain Head Shower 
The room and the hotel were very beautiful and I can see why people love the Park Hyatt brand. The simple touches that the put with every bit of service in the hotel was so welcome. The constant questions of if we need anything and if we needed directions, suggestions or reservations was so great and the awesome Park Hyatt umbrella they let me use in the rain was wonderful. I don't know that I would ever pay the full rate for a night in the hotel (that's my penny pinching ways) but if I win the lottery or get more free night certificates I would not hesitate to spend it at the Park Hyatt Zurich again!

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