Sunday, February 3, 2013

1,000 Bonus Points for US Airways Shuttle Flights

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Since we are a DC based blog, I wanted to pass along this offer to our fellow DC Business Travelers.

US Airways is offering 1,000 bonus miles for each US Airways Shuttle flight taken through February 28, 2013. This is in addition to the 500 Preferred-qualifying miles that you get already. You must register here, book and travel in the month of February to earn the miles. From the wording of this offer, previously booked flights will not trigger the bonus.

FYI: A shuttle segment is a nonstop flight from Washington (DCA) to New York City (LGA) or Boston. 

The nitty gritty, fine details:

"Travel on any US Airways Shuttle flight between February 1 - 28, 2013 and earn 1,000 bonus miles for each segment flown. A US Airways Shuttle segment is any nonstop flight operated between Washington DC (DCA), New York City (LGA) and Boston. Customers with itineraries that do not contain a US Airways Shuttle flight are not eligible for bonus miles. Customers with itineraries that contain a US Airways Shuttle segment will only receive the bonus for that segment. For example, if you fly from New York (LGA) to Washington DC (DCA) to Phoenix, you’ll earn the promotional bonus only on the New York (LGA) to Washington, DC (DCA) US Airways Shuttle segment. Bonus is earned on base flight miles only on flights operated by US Airways Shuttle. Miles bonus will not count toward Preferred status. US Airways will award bonus miles one to two weeks after you register and travel has been completed."

This is a pretty generous bonus. Normally, this is for stand alone shuttle flights. In this case, if a segment of your flight itinery has a shuttle flight, than the bonus is triggered. Not a bad promotion if you need to go to these cities from Washington, DC.

Important: You must register to get the promotion. Here is the link again.

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