Monday, July 22, 2013

Earn Miles Through Booking Hotels on Rocket Miles or PointsHound

Update: Pointshound and United broke up. You can't United miles throuh them any more :(

If you have some hotel stays coming up and are looking for a way to earn miles beyond the general bonuses that you can earn with hotel programs check out the websites, Rocket Miles and PointsHound.                                                                                    
These new websites allow you to book hotels in certain cities that will allow you to earn miles in your participating airline partner, in our case United. There are some good reviews out on both RocketMiles and PointsHound and their value. It never hurts to check to see what rates you might be able to find and the potential extra United miles you can earn by simply going through these different portals.

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  1. "earn miles beyond the general bonuses that you can earn with hotel programs"

    Generally it is earning points INSTEAD of the bonuses you earn with hotel programs; most of the rates are not eligible for hotel loyalty earning nor benefits. Pointshound has some which are but they are not the majority at all.

  2. no more united on points hound

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