Monday, January 5, 2015

Unwanted Gift = 500 Bonus Miles

RocketMiles is offering a weird bonus. Once of the weirdest bonus that I have ever seen.

Got unwanted gifts from the holidays? Rocketmiles will take one off your hands in exchange for 500 additional miles on your next stay.

The terms and condition state that you must mail the unwanted gift to the following address by January 15th:

                                    560 W. Washington Blvd - Suite 310, Chicago, IL 60661

I haven't used Rocketmiles before, but I am tempted to jump in on this promotion. This promotion is just crazy enough for me.

Have no idea who or what Rocketmiles does? I wrote about them here and they explain themselves here.

Grandmom's ugly sweater, Nephew's art project, Office Secret Santa, you may be headed to Chicago!

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